Easy Tuna PattiesBy thenewfitchefTuna patties are delicious, but they can run a little high on excess carbohydrates if they contain bread crumbs. This recipe calls for a little almond flour and coconut flour to remedy that situation. These are perfect for make ahead meals and work well for lunch in a pinch
Butter Baked King Trumpet MushroomsBy thenewfitchefIf you can get your hands on these firms but exquisite mushrooms, please buy them and make this dish! What I love about king trumpet mushrooms is that they are hearty and mild in flavor. They pair well with any protein or on their own. I tried these on zoodles and also on shirataki fettuccine noodles. However, if you aren’t fond of low-carb eating, try it served on whole wheat pasta.
Keto Oven Fried ChickenBy thenewfitchefThis low carb chicken dish is perfect for dinner or make ahead meals. This recipe does contain almond flour, so it is not suitable for people with tree nut allergies. If you’d prefer, substitute the almond flour with finely ground pork rinds, though you will need to cut back on the salt. Feel free to adjust the spices as you see fit.
Sheet Pan Bhindi MasalaBy thenewfitchefI love okra, but not when it’s slimy. This sheet pan method will endure that this does not happen. Authentic bhindi masala requires a lot of effort when cooked on the stove top. The way we’re doing it will cut the cook time in half and you’ll have a delicious main or side dish for the week.
Egg Salad Stuffed AvocadosBy thenewfitchefThis is one of the easiest low-carb, healthy fat recipes you’ll ever make. The hardest part is finding the perfect avocado since they tend to go from unripe to discolored in 15 minutes. So, purchase the avocado either the same day or a day in advance before making this dish.
Ginger Chicken Soup with Sweet Potato Glass NoodlesBy SabrinaIf you’re ever feeling under the weather, this soup is a great pick me up. It’s also a wonderful soup to have near by if you’ve given up processed sugar. If you want to keep it low carb, simply omit the glass noodles and replace with shirataki spaghetti noodles. The ginger will help to settle your stomach and provide a nice calming effect when detoxing from old eating habits.
Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken BreastsBy SabrinaThese chicken breasts are flattened, wrapped in prosciutto and then topped with mozzarella cheese. Add some sliced tomatoes on top or on the side for a delicious meal. You definitely want to try these Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breasts.
Low Carb Instant Pot Smothered Pork ChopsBy SabrinaTender and delicious smothered pork chops made right in your instant pot. The best part? These Pork Chops are Low Carb. Serve with steamed vegetables or a side salad. Try these Low Carb Instant Pot Smothered Pork Chops Tonight!
Bacon-Cheeseburger SaladBy SabrinaThis is one of my favorite “go to” salads for when I have a serious cheeseburger craving, but don’t want to eat too much bread. I think you’ll love it too. This recipe has 3 net carbs per serving.
Low Carb Zucchini FriesBy SabrinaThese low carb zucchini fries aren’t really “fries” since they are baked and not fried. These are just so good that you’ll find yourself serving them up with anything from a grilled to baked protein. I recommend the quick and easy lemon-yogurt sauce listed below, but you can serve these with your favorite bottled or homemade dressings and sauces
Chicken Hummus SaladBy SabrinaOne of the easiest Chicken salads to make. It’s hearty and filled with protein and fiber. Makes a great lunch. You can bake, poach, or even grill the chicken. The choice is yours.
Low Carb BibimbapBy SabrinaA delicious low carb Korean style steak bowl served over shirataki rice. Omit carrots if you’re on a keto diet. There are a lot of steps to this recipe, but this Low Carb Bibimbap is well worth it!
Vegan Butternut Squash, Carrot, Ginger, and Leek SoupBy SabrinaWow, that title was a mouthful, but I wanted you all to get an idea of how nutritious, delicious, and wonderful this soup is. I know most of us associate squash soup with fall or winter, but I made this Vegan Butternut Squash Soup during spring and all I can say is, YUM!
Grilled Masala Chicken BreastsBy SabrinaThis is a fantastic flavorful and pungent chicken breast recipe that works well in wraps, salads, or served as the main protein for lunches and dinners. A great make ahead item that can be portion and frozen for busy work weeks.
Grilled Garlic-Herb SalmonBy SabrinaI love salmon, but I have to admit that while bake and skillet cooked salmon is delicious, nothing and I mean nothing beats salmon grilled over charcoal. If you don't have a grill, please check out "Link" for some fantastic recommendations. You can also cook this on a gas unit or indoor grill.
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